DHA upgrades to the online ImmiAccount system were implemented during the evening of 2 March 2018 however users are encountering problems uploading documents in the new system and are concerned about meeting DHA’s new “2 day” policy where primary documents for applications must be uploaded within 2 calendar days from lodgment or the application is liable for refusal without any further request for documents.

Uploads to online applications with a status of “Received” are apparently working, but once the user moves to another application and revisits the original application, the uploaded documents are not appearing in the same category list as documents uploaded previously. In tests conducted the evening of 3 March 2018 uploaded documents with a type of “Other” are apparently causing duplicate category listings to appear, and description information entered to support the “Other” classification is being deleted and is showing as “null”.

Users with ImmiAccount technical issues can email the technical support department that handles ImmiAccount matters at e-service.support@border.gov.au or can lodge a technical support request by visiting https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/corporate/information/forms/online/immiaccount-technical-support-form

Applicants and representatives who are uploading documents may want to keep a detailed log of all documents uploaded after the new system upgrades came online and double check that these documents were received by DHA correctly and completely.